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Customer Service & the Customer-Focused Sales Methodology

Customer Service & the Customer-Focused Sales Methodology

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In this course, budtenders learn the customer service and sales skills they need to be successful in a retail shop. They will learn about the different types of cannabis consumers and the best ways to serve each of them. In addition, the customer-focused sales methodology will teach budtenders how to increase store sales by compliantly making the right recommendations for each consumer. The course closes with a final lesson on answering customer FAQs in a way that is compliant with Canadian regulations, but still increases store sales.

Customer service & the Customer-focused sales methodology: Course Sections

  1. Introduction to Customer Focused Selling
  2. Step 1: Greet the Customer
  3. Step 2: Ask Questions and Listen
  4. Step 3: Make Recommendations
  5. Step 4: Close the Sale
  6. How to Sell Compliantly and other FAQs